Our Privacy Policy

It is my desire to have as complete a genealogical website as possible, but with the world being the way it is, a measure of caution is also appropriate. It is a bit of a challenge to balance the right to privacy with a genealogical database that has some usefulness. With that in mind, here is my approach:

  1. No birth data (place or date) are listed for persons (presumed living) born less than 100 years ago. Since I don't always have death dates for many entries, this is more consistent than trying to flag living persons.

  2. I never post any of the following:

    E-mail Address · Address · Telephone Number · Social Security Number

  3. I don't send out my Gedcom file.

  4. Any Gedcom files I receive are treated as confidential and never forwarded to any other person. Any information I post from a Gedcom file complies with items 1 & 2 above.

  5. As it is possible to find a person's mother's maiden name, it would be the course of wisdom to use some other word for a credit card or bank account password. Mother's maiden names can be obtained from public records, so posting them on this site would not constitute any added invasion of privacy.

  6. I do not use cookies nor do I collect any information from visitors to the site. However, the search feature does report to me what has been searched for, but nothing about who did the search.

  7. I receive inquiries at times about contacting living persons. I will forward those requests on to the person in question or to a close contact person, but will not give out the e-mail address to the person inquiring without permission.

  8. Marchant-Thomas.com is family friendly and does not contain any "adult" material. Nor do we use any pop-ups, pop-unders, cookies, banners, adware, spyware, or similar.

  9. Learn more about Identity Theft and Genealogy.