Marriage Records of William Thomas and Mary McCollum

The Marriage Bond

William Thomas and Mary McCollum Marriage Bond

Know all men by these presents that we William Thomas
& Daniel McCollum are held and firmly bound unto the Com
monwealth of Kentucky in the full sum of fifty pounds cur-
rent money, for which payment to be made good. We bind
ourselves, our heirs, Executors or administrators jointly and sev-
erally by these presents. as witness hands this 15th day of
May 1837. —
The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas
the above bound William Thomas is about to obtain from Geo.
Stivers clerk of Clay County Court a license for a marriage
intended between the said Wm Thomas & Mary McCollum.
Now if the said Wm Thomas shall well & truly perform
this his marriage contract. unless some lawful
cause shall prevent, then this obligation to be void.
otherwise to remain in full force & virtue.—

George Stivers clk

Wm Thomas (Seal)
Daniel McCollum (Seal)

The Marriage Return

William Thomas and Mary McCollum Marriage Return

I certify that by virtue of a License To Me presented
I have cellebrated the Rites of Materimony between
William Thomas + Mary McCallum May 18th 1837.

Henry Clark