Marriage Records of Jane Thomas and Daniel Davidson

The Marriage Bond

Know all men by these presents that we Daniel
Davidson & James Thomas acknowlige ourselves
intended [indebted] to the Commonwealth of Kenticky
in the sum of £50 current money which payme
nt will and truly to be made we bind
ourselves and each of our heirs Jointly and seve
-rally firmly by these presents sealed with our
seals and Dated this 8th day of July — 1826
          The condition of the above
obligation is such that wharas the above bound
Daniel Davidsons about to obtain a license for a marr
iage intended between the the said Daniel __
[Davidson & Jane] Thomas. Now should there be no
lawful cause to obstruct said Marriage
then this obligation shall be Void Else remain in
full force.
[A.] Baker

Daniel Davidson
James Thomas

The Marriage Return

Kentucky - Clay County Sct.
Daniel Davison and Jane Thomas
the rights of Matrimony Solumnised
on the 13. day of July 1826

E. W. Bowman