Marriage Records of Mary Thomas and James Brandenburgh

The Marriage License

State of Kentucky
     Owsley County sct
These are to license and permit you to Join together
in the holy estate of Matrimony Mr. James Brandenburgh
and Mary Thomas of said County, the requisitions
of the Law in all respects having been Complied with.
Given under my hand as Clerk of the Owsley County
Court of said County this 18th day of April 1853
To any person legally authorized     W. Williams COCC
to Celebrate the rites of Matrimony

The Marriage Return

On this 18th day of April 1853 at the house of Joseph
Brandenburghs Owsley County Ky. I Abel Pennington
P.J.O.C.C did Join together in the holy estate of Marimony
one James Brandenburgh aged about 23 - son of the
said Joseph Brandenburgh and Rody Brandenburgh
the said James Brandenburgh was borned and raised
in Kentucky. I Joined him to one Mary Thomas
a dughter of one Joseph Thomas and Anny Thomas
and there were present the said Rody Brandenburgh
Henry and Jaley Brandenburgh and several other
persons   by me        Abel Pennington PJO.C.C