Marriage Records of Henderson Sizemore and Nancy Gabbard

The Marriage License


State of Kentucky
County of Ousley Sct.

  You are permited to solemize the
Rites of Matrimony between Henderson
Sizemore, and Nancy Gabbard the
requrments of the law having been complied
with    Witness my Signature as Clerk
of the Ousley County Court this the 22 day
of Sept 1871
C. B. Marion C.O.C.C.
Attest S. V. Nigh C.O.C.C.

The Marriage Return


      by virtue of this License I joined
in matrimony the within named Henderson
Sizemore and Nancy Gabbard at the house
of Jacob Gabbards, in Ousley County
this the 25" day of Sept 1871 in the presence
of Jacob Gabbard and George Gabbard
and others                  M.C.Taylor
Minister M.E. Church of Christ
      A Copy Attest
S.V. Nigh C.O.C.C.