Marriage Records of Elisha Thomas and Elizabeth Bowman

The Marriage License

  Marriage Licens
The Commonwealth of Kentucky
  To any Minister of the Gospell or other person
legaly authorised to solemize Matrimony
  You are permitted to solemize the Rites
of Matrimony between Elisha Thomas of
Owsly County and Elizabeth Boman of s[aid]
County the requirements of the law having
been complied with
  Witness the Signature of the Clerk of Owsly
County Court this 26th day of December 1859

John C. Cole
Clk.- O.C.C

The Marriage Certificate

  Marriage Certificate
This is to Certify that on the 29th day of December
1859 the Rites of Marriage Were legally solemonize
by me between Elisha Thomas and Elizabeth
Boman at Nancy Bomans in the County
of Owsly in the presents of William Wilson
& Moses Cornelison

Signed. Sylvester Isaacs